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Our office is pleased to provide TTSORS for the citizens of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. The Tribe and Territory Sex Offender Registry System (TTSORS), is available free of charge to tribes and territories as is a registered sex offender management and community notification tool. The system enables agencies to provide sex offender notification to community members and automatic participation with the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, the only government registry website that links public, state, territory, and tribal sex offender registries from one national search site.

The Keweenaw Bay Tribal Police Department utilizes TTSORS to manage and monitor the whereabouts, conduct and compliance status of the registered offenders on the L'Anse Reservation. TTSORS provides the most accurate and timely information available and now this information is available to you!

TTSORS is updated frequently as offender addresses and other offender information is updated in our office. You may enter any address on the L'Anse Reservation and see real-time information on the publishable offenders within the specified radius of the address you enter.

Offenders move frequently, the best way to stay informed is to take advantage of our free email alert system. You may register for the community notifications and we will continuously monitor the addresses and send you an email alert if a new offender registers at an address within the specified radius of any address you register. There is no cost for this service and no limit to the number of addresses you can register - your email address and physical addresses are all confidential. Tell your friends and neighbors and be sure to register your home, school, work, gym, day care, park, soccer field, parents or children's homes - any address of interest to you!

Conditions of Use:

This website is provided as a public service by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Using this website, interested community members have access to and may search the website for public information regarding the presence or location of offenders who, in most cases, have been convicted of sexually violent offenses against adults and children and other crimes against minors. Community members who use this website can educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their community.

It is possible that information obtained through this website may not reflect current residences, employment, or other information regarding such individuals, and users are cautioned that it is incumbent upon them to verify information. Any user desiring additional information or verification should communicate with the Keweenaw BayTribal Police and Sex Offender Registration Program. Any individual who believes the information contained in the Website is not accurate should contact the Keweenaw Bay Tribal Police.

The information made available on this website is for the sole purpose of protecting the public. It is not to be used to harass or intimidate anyone.

The information used on this website should not be used to unlawfully injure, harass or commit a crime against any individual named in the Registry or residing or working at any reported address. Any such misuse of information contained on this website could result in civil or criminal penalties
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